The Office for Urban Regeneration was set up by Monsignor McHugh and is run from the Presbytery at St George and St Teresa.
The Office consists of two organisations – Birinus and Kyra.


The aim of Birinus is to support parishes to:

- engage with local activities, regeneration, business, other faiths and minority groups and public services to improve the quality of life in communities. Specifically, Birinus aims to assist parishes in working with others to meet local priorities such as health and social care, housing, education and training, youth and community and social cohesion.

- develop projects through training and capacity building where premises, volunteers and workers can serve the common good in partnership with others.       


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KYRA Is a pioneering institute of education and training that creates and inspires leaders of the future. It
offers a Foundation Degree in Leadership for Change and Growth which brings together adults of all ages,
academic backgrounds, professions and ethnic groups and provides leadership and management-focused
skills on a part-time basis. KYRA has also developed a course in Enterprise and Sustainable Communities
which arms students with the business skills to drive social and community enterprise across the region's most deprived areas.

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